Out-of-court claims collections are carried out by out-of-court debt orders with the assurance of security in case the debtor fails to perform. Out-of-court claims collections are among the most frequently requested services.

During the carrying out of a claim, we conduct a thorough assessment of all the debtor’s assets (real estate, land, motor vehicles, the debtor’s own claims, business shares, business activities and other kinds of activities, and so on). We do all this in case it turns out to be impossible to collect out-of-court, and so that the potential legal dispute does not become just an additional cost but is successful, and, mainly, efficiently carried out.

We operate within the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

If the debtor does not have ready money but has liquid assets (own claims, goods, ability to provide a service), we will take action to trade a product, and mainly, we will take care of the required legal paperwork regarding the whole transaction so that the end result is financial payment credited to your account.

The collection process itself is carried out based on concluding an order contract under section 2430 of Act No. 89/2012 Sb. of the new Civil Code.

We carry out pledging and securing acts, including creating securities, and provide other services as agreed upon with the client.

No advance fee

Our fee is not due until the payment has been credited to your account.

Personal approach

We attend to your request individually and with care.

Review based on documentable information

We review your request based on documentable information.

Professional behaviour

We take pride in our professional behaviour and confidential relationships with our clients.

We do not require any money in advance, and we cover all the costs until the debtor makes a payment to your account. Our fee is not due until the money has been credited to your account. If the debtor does not pay anything and your account is not credited, we bear all the costs. So here is our main “motivation”: we must make debtors perform their covenants and obligations in order for us to remain financially solvent and not have only expenses. We maintain a separate file for each business case and regularly inform our clients about the acts and measures we have taken.

During the collection process, we simultaneously assess all the debtor’s assets in case it turns out to be impossible, due to certain objective reasons, to collect out-of-court, and so that the potential legal dispute would not be just an additional cost but be successfully resolved and efficiently carried out. We inform our clients about these acts, too, while suggesting and recommending the next steps. However, we always respect the final decision of the client.