We provide immediate real estate purchasing, financing of real estate purchasing, or a combination of these services. In cooperation with our attorney’s office, we will arrange comprehensive legal services and carry out an attorney’s deposit agreement.

Immediate purchasing of real estate – family houses, cottages, farm buildings, garages, flats, parcels of land, and so on. This real estate can be under security, enforced collection, auction, as well as divided co-ownership.

Short-term or medium-term financing of real estate purchasing – for example, until a mortgage has been processed, but no longer than for three years. After your mortgage has been processed, the right of ownership will be fully transferred to you.

Personal approach

The terms and conditions are always specified depending on the case, taking into account the amount and the period of the loan.

Legal services

We will arrange comprehensive legal services for you, including an attorney’s deposit agreement.

Rapid processing

With us, you need not worry about whether you will purchase or sell your real estate in time. We will arrange everything you need rapidly and reliably.