Creditworthiness means the ability of particular natural persons or legal entities to perform their covenants and obligations. Creditworthiness expresses the quality of reputation and solvency.

A thorough creditworthiness assessment is one of the most important aspects in minimizing business risks at the start.

Today, creditworthiness assessment is a key service that is always required by our business partners, especially those who operate in highly competitive environments and must sell by invoice, before entering into new contracts, often even before entering into strategic contracts.

Given our extensive databases, IT capabilities, and provable results concerning creditworthiness assessment, nearly all our business partners always require this service. We also provide creditworthiness assessment, together with legal and enforcement services, as part of claims management.

Regarding long-term business relationships, certain aspects, such as creditworthiness, economic strength of the company, loan encumbrance, debt level, significant competitors, ownership background, goodwill, and so on, must be monitored continually and supervised constantly because a natural person or a legal entity that was assessed as credit-worthy in February may not be so in October of the same year.

Assess your business partners’ creditworthiness today

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