We are a Czech company with a transparent structure, our own capital, only one owner, our own long-term employees, and our own commercial premises. We constantly strive for a high level of professionalism regarding our services. Our priorities that make us stand out in comparison with other companies are total loyalty and personal approach. We aim at developing high-quality, long-term business relationships in order to always achieve the best possible results for our clients’ investments. We treat our clients’ claims and finances as if they were our own. We wish to support and bring benefits to our clients.

We provide, assure, and secure comprehensive services in the area of out-of-court, court, and enforced collections of claims, including monitoring a whole portfolio of all the kinds of claims (out-of-court, court, and enforced claims), and also services in claims prevention and the associated assessment of creditworthiness.

We carry out immediate purchasing of whole packages of claims, primarily those in the banking, energy, telecommunications and natural gas sectors.

We invest in existing as well as start-up projects.

In the areas of out-of-court and court collections of claims, we cooperate with attorney’s offices that represent us as well as our clients in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

In the area of enforced collections of claims, we cooperate with the largest enforcement agencies in the Czech Republic which focus mainly on enforcement of movables.


OSPEN – many people have asked me what the name OSPEN means, and so I have decided to clarify it. Most people may remember that OSPEN is a common brand of antibiotics, and, with a measure of sarcasm, I sometimes say: “OSPEN? – a cure for everything.” But no, no, even before these antibiotics were named and put on the market, another OSPEN was already here, the first OSPEN – OBCHODNÍ SPOLEČNOST PETRA NOVOTNÉHO (PETR NOVOTNÝ’S BUSINESS COMPANY).

Petr Novotný,
Executive Director, OSPEN s.r.o.


Regularly and from time to time, we support various sporting events, for example at the O2 Arena in Prague and the floorball club Tatran Střešovice. We also support a variety of cultural and charitable events, and more.