In cooperation with our attorney’s office, we provide comprehensive enforced collections.
Please contact us if you have an enforcement title available, for example:

an enforceable decision of the court that imposes an obligation (final and conclusive judgment, payment order, negotiable instrument order, resolution on approval of settlement)

an enforceable arbitration award issued in an arbitration carried out under Act No. 216/1994 Sb. on Arbitration and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards

a notarial instrument with an immediate enforcement clause

an enforceable decision by a state governmental body and a local self-governance body

an enforceable decision and statement of arrears regarding healthcare insurance and social security

Our fee, which is agreed on in advance, in not due until the payment has been credited to your account.

We will provide the enforcement officer with all the information we have gathered about the debtor during the out-of-court proceedings and trial proceedings so that the enforcement will be effective.

We will cover the expenses related to the attorney as well as the enforcement officer, including cases when the enforcement is not successful.